Mobile Apps 101: How To Craft Effective Registration


A Key Aspect In Mobile Apps, One To Be Taken Seriously


Mobile application development is a delicate procedure and should be treated as such. During that time, one has to consider a variety of issues they have to overcome to build the best application they can possibly muster up. And this is one of the issues.



  • Use Phone Number Or Email, Instead Of A Username


It can take quite a while before users can think of a good username upon registration.



  • Make The Password Recovery Process Painless


What if some of your users forget their passwords? Then, you should make it easy for them to reset it. If everything appears complicated, they would surely abandon your services.



  • Never Use “Sign Up” And “Sign In” Together


The phrases between “sign up” and “sign in” somewhat appear the same, right? When buttons and phrases look similar, users would get confused. Remember, people don’t have time to get confused with the elements. If you want good user experience, avoid all of these.



  • Remove As Many Fields As Possible


Don’t ask too many questions to a registering new user. The fewer the fields, the less likely they would abandon it. What are those important details you should ask them?



  • Differentiate Registration From Login


It’s important to differentiate registration from login at all times. By doing so, you can minimize the chance of people accidentally attempting to login through the registration form.



  • Let Your Users See Their Password


One of the most common problems during registration and login? Mistyping passwords. People often mistype their password, most especially on mobile.



  • Provide Guidance


You, as the mobile app user, must clearly determine, and explain on form field errors.