How to Work with a Website Designer: 6 Brilliant Tips

1. Don’t ask too many people about their opinions.

At some point, you will be tempted to ask other people about their opinions regarding mockups. This can result in several unproductive rounds of adjustments and changes while discoursing your website designer. Just be decisive, and ask only for the views of your stakeholders.

2. Know your role as the website owner.

While your web designer is responsible for the web pages’ overall look and functions, the website owner needs to take care of all the content. It’s up to you if you will hire your own copywriter, though. Don’t just sit around, and wait for your designer’s results. You have your own role in this collaboration–your web design and online marketing agency are working toward the same business goals.

3. Acknowledge their expertise.

Building a website no easy task. It’s true that there are tons of DIY website builders and templates available out there, but since you have chosen to work with a professional web designer, you need to recognize their knowledge. Trust them, and believe in their expertise.

4. Get prepared.

Website designers are not magicians and problem solvers. Their job is to develop a design that looks good, and at the same time delivers long-term solutions for businesses. Do your part well. Provide them with detailed web design project scopes, so they can do their job efficiently. The more insight you give them, the better they will meet your expectations.

5. Communicate and collaborate.

Once your web designer provides their first ever draft, they would be eager to know what you think. See to it that you are thoroughly reviewing their output, giving timely feedback. Stay involved in the entire process, from the wireframes and mockups to website creation and maintenance.

6. Don’t overthink it.

Your web designer would want you to get involved, but not overly involved that you start to micromanage each tiny detail. Trust factor is crucial to the success of your website. They are professionals who decide according to their experience.