Computer Hand: About the Poker Hand Nickname

Newtown Casino in Malaysia are also offering a poker game called Texas Hold’em Poker. This game are the most demand game in every casino around the world. And it is undeniable that it has a lot of things to do before you get to win.

Computer Hand, what does it really mean in Texas Hold’em? This a name given by being managed the Queen-Seven offsuit hand in the hole. Your two cards would be a Queen and seven with suits that don’t coordinate. This is viewed as not being a decent beginning hand in light of the fact that your chances of winning with it are actually even.

Actually, there are two (2) theories that has been known why is it called a computer hand. However, one has the only advantage of being appeared to coordinate the chances of winning with the Queen-Seven offsuit hand and having potential combination of Texas Hold’em starting hands by a computer simulator. There are other stories why it was called a computer hand, it is because even the odds were run with smaller sample size and its pure chance, it is really the reason that comes out as the most winning hand.

You should utilize your skills and abilities to read the board and especially to read other players to decide whether to hold them or to overlap them.

Best Starting Hands

The five (5) best starting hands are sets of Kings, Queens, Access Jacks, and the combination of the king and ace. These are the hands that have the best chances of winning whenever played to the standoff.

Worst starting hands

The worst starting hands are including the feared seven – two offsuit mix or what we called combination, with fit seven – two being just marginally better. The worst thing here is that you really cannot make it straight and both are low cards. These hands have the lowest chances of winnings and the worst thing here is you are not able to make it win.