A Simple Guide to Playing the Game, “Let it Ride”

Live casinos in Malaysia are no stranger to the different variations of Poker. Let it Ride is one of those poker games that are based from the five-card stud Poker and has been gaining traction as of late.

That is because this game doesn’t pit you against other players, but you will go against the dealer and what cards he has on his hands. It is a very easy and fun game to learn and in today’s article, I will present a simple guide so that you can start playing this game. So, will you let it ride?

How Do You Play the Game?

To start, each player will be requested to place three equal bets on the three circles that are in front of them. After that, they will be handed three cards that are all placed face down. The dealer will also place two cards face down in front of them. After the cards are dealt, the players are now allowed to look at their hand.

Once you have a glimpse of your own card hand, you will be asked to make your first decision. You can either tell the dealer to take your first bet back by doing a swiping motion over the first circle or you can tell them that you will let it ride and let your bet stay. At this point, you are not allowed to reveal your cards to other players.

The same premise holds true on the second bet in that the players are given the choice to either take their second bet or just let it ride again. After every decision, the dealer will reveal a community card that the players can use on their own hands to create the ultimate 5-card hand.

Once that your 5-card hand has been established, you will know if you are going to win or not. For instance, if you have a pair of 10s or a better card combination, you will win the game and you are paid the bets that you’ve “Let it Ride”.


If you let all of your bets ride, then you are going to win all of the three bets back (and more). If you paid back either your first or second bets, then you will only be paid two times. If you pulled back two of your three bets, then you are only going to be paid once (assuming that you

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