7 Best Designed Buildings in the World from Top Architects

There are buildings that we marvel because of its sheer beauty. But, if some buildings before were created for the sole purpose of just being aesthetically pleasing, that is no longer the case in this day and age.

Top architects from all over the world are already thinking about combining both aesthetics and function when it comes to the creation of certain buildings.

Architecture firms in Malaysia, for example, pretty much have plenty of architects that are renowned for their artistic flair when it comes to designing buildings.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the best-designed buildings in the world. Be inspired and marvel at these amazing pieces!

1. HARPA Concert Hall

This gemlike venue has pretty much given new life into Reykjavik, Iceland. The way the crystalline shells complement the somewhat jagged and geometric shape of the building makes for a perfect combination of pure design, as well as function.

During the night, exterior LED light strips are activated so that the glassy exterior will shine through- creating a shimmering beacon of beauty.

2. Burj Khalifa

Also known as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai stands a whopping 2,717 feet above the desert. Just when you think that, on the surface, it is just a towering building- it is actually created with a lot of functionality as well.

It contains 172 room in total that is being used as residences, offices, an Armani hotel, restaurants, an observation deck, among others.

What is inspiring about the design of the building is the fact that even if it is quite tall vertically, the architects have still managed to make it beautiful regardless.

3. Linked Hybrid

Although not a single building, per se, the Linked Hybrid in Beijing actually interconnects a total of eight towers. Chinese pedestrians and tourists that are in the city are able to go through passages (located at the ground level) and marvel at the different things that they can see, including various shops, schools, restaurants, and gardens.

4. The Shard

This 72-story skyscraper- one of the tallest buildings in Europe, provides people with a stunning view of Thames.

The Shard was inspired by Church Steeples and it is comprised of eight angled glass facades that reflect the sunlight to envelop the city with the sun’s rays that would also allow the people to marvel at its architectural flair.

The architects of these buildings originally intended to create this as part of a vertical village, which is why it houses apartments, offices, restaurants, and even a hotel!

5. Perot Museum

This is another awe-inspiring building that was created by Architect Thom Mayne, which is a Pritzker Prize winner. His team used sheathed panels of textured concrete to create this five-story building.

6. Parrish Art Museum

Located at Water Mill, New York, the Parrish Art Museum is created with a double-gable roof of white corrugated metal. The museum is actually considered an art in and of itself.

7. Absolute World

If you want to live in a luxurious high-rise, then look no further than the Absolute World residents located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It is built in Toronto’s largest suburb and the best way to describe this building is its elliptical floor plans. Who said you cannot live in comfort and style?