6 Crucial Features to Look for in a Web Hosting Provider

1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that the web host will let you and your readers download and
upload in a particular month. When looking for web hosting providers, you will often see
bandwidth and storage hand in hand. Bandwidth is an important element that you would want to
keep an eye on, most especially if your website is popular or media intensive. By focusing on
bandwidth, you can ensure that your viral content will be accessed by all your visitors anytime
they want.

2. Number of subdomains and domains

Once you are running one website, there is a chance that it won’t be long until you create a
second and a third one. Managing a hosting account for every website that you own can be a
pain. Thus, see to it that your website host would allow you to host multiple ones. Most of the
time, there is a limit on the amount of domains you can have on a single account.

3. Email Accounts and Features

Several website hosts also provide email accounts for domains. Know how many email accounts
they can set up for you. Do they have their own webmail interface? Can you integrate them with
Google apps? Top web hosting companies in Malaysia can definitely help you out in this feature.

4. Tech Support

Find out if your potential web host provides reliable tech support. Can you reach out to them in
the middle of the night, in case you encounter problems? Do they have their own ticketing
system or support email address? How about a phone or live chat feature?

5. Storage

When picking a web host, one of the main concerns will be the amount of data you can store.

Some website hosts promise unlimited storage, but you once you read terms and services, you
will realize that it is actually limited. It’s best to go with a company that sets clear limits.

6. Extra Application

The more helpful apps you use, the more productive you will be. Sure, there is a content
management system. However, you would want to do have something more to maximize your
hosting plan. Many hosts provide set ups for social features and mailing lists. Make use of them
to make your routine more convenient.