5 Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Company

1. Website Security

Website security is an essential for all website owners. Whether you are running a large-scale
business or small personal blog, security is crucial. It helps to familiarize yourself with SFTP, or
secure file transfer protocol. This provides an extra layer of protection to your platform. You
need to ensure that his option is available to your website host.

2. Reliability and uptime

Your web host must be able to operate 24/7, and keep your website available at all times. You
would never want your web pages to go down, even on the smallest time period. This is the
reason why it’s important to have a hosting provider that operates on a powerful server, stable
network connections and good hardware. It is highly recommended to settle with a host that can
provide a minimum of 99.5% uptime score.

3. Upgrade Options

When starting a new blog or website, it is highly recommended to buy a shared hosting plan.

That way, you can save money until your platform grows. In line with this, you must work with a
web host that give you more room for growth.

4. Sign up and renewal costs

There are tons of web hosting company reviews in Malaysia that you can read to make the
decision-making process easier for you. You need to know if your potential web host can provide
great value for your money. Many of them sell shared hosting plans at cheap rates to make tons
of profit at the time of renewal. Make sure to avoid high renewal rates.

5. Customer Service

Choose a web hosting provider that can attend to your needs and problems 24/7. You wouldn’t
want to wait for a very long time in a long queue. Who doesn’t want good customer service? At
this day and age, it’s crucial to pick a hosting company with high-quality customer service.