Slot Machine Myths That Don’t Really Work

1. Manage your casino bankroll well to win each game.

If you love playing online casino games in Thailand, most probably, you are already familiar
with this slot machine myth. The truth it, it doesn’t matter how you manage your casino bankroll.
It wouldn’t affect the result of the game. The result depends on luck, and in the mood of the

2. Play slot machines depending on the variance.

Slot machine game variance is your only luck. A high variance can eat away your balance in the
same way a low variance can. The difference is that you need to pay a bit longer on a low
variance slots, because of all the frequent small game wins it produces.

3. Play the maximum bet size.

This is one of the most popular slot machine “secrets” out there. It is possible for a player to win
while playing the maximum bet. Some even remember paying as big as $200 for every spin. It
guarantees a big win, but you need to think if you really want to risk a big amount of money.

4. Play loose slots in order to win.

Playing lose slots is a big trick in the slot machine game. You must play loose slots. Keep in mid
that no person in the casino knows which of the slots are lose, and at what specific time. If you
want to check it, you need magical powers.

5. Using a betting strategy will help you win the game.

It doesn’t really matter how much you are betting, and what specific strategy you are
implementing. A slot machine game pays regardless of the techniques you use.