Understanding eCommerce Hosting: 5 Factors to Consider

1. Control panel

Ask your potential web host if you will be given access to a reliable control panel. Is that
included in their offer? Should you pay an additional amount for it? A control panel offers a
visual, easy way to manage your web hosting account’s interface. This will help you access your
ecommerce website files directly.

2. Uptime

Your online store must always be available for your target audience. Thus, one of the most
important things to consider when choosing an ecommerce hosting provider is a high uptime
score. No web hosting company can ever provide a 100% uptime, so it’s best to settle with at
least 99.5%.

3. Physical location

Visitors and customers from all over the world will experience various loading speeds on your
platform. Why? Quite simply, it takes quite a while for the signals to reach people. Therefore,
make sure that your web host has servers which are physically located at the same exact
geographic area. This may seem too technical for newbie online business owners, but if you
really want to make money online in Malaysia, you should learn more about data centers.

4. Hardware

The different components in a server make a big difference in website speed and performance.
The most important items to focus on are permanent memory, CPU (processor) and RAM
(memory). Take note that hardware parameters are not always disclosed in web hosting
packages, though it would still be beneficial to understand how these physical components function.

5. Domain-related services

It’s quite natural for website hosting companies to provide domain registration services. If you
want things to be more convenient, purchase a hosting plan and domain name from the same
exact web host. That way, scaling and billing would be a lot easier.