Can Certain Exercises Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

What is erectile dysfunction? Well, it is a condition wherein a man is unable to hold an erection for a considerable amount of time. A man can experience this condition to some degree, especially later on in life.

There are many possible factors that could lead to ED, such as age, psychological factors like anxiety, lifestyle, and many more.
What do people usually do if they want to prevent this from happening? Well, some people either turn to male enhancement pills or certain medications like Viagra, for example.

But, always bear in mind that your sexual health is always tied to your overall health which means that if you have a healthy lifestyle, you are most likely not going to experience the negative effects of erectile dysfunction.

Can Certain Exercises Prevent ED?

Well, the truth is that no exercise can prevent erectile dysfunction 100% because dealing with the said condition requires a multi-faceted approach; though exercise could definitely help in reducing its effects.

For one, exercise can help release endorphins or hormones that can help you feel good. Aside from that, regular exercise can also help you reduce weight, which is a factor that could affect sexual health and performance.

Although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that exercises can prevent erectile dysfunction, there are some things that you can do that will help mitigate its effects.

Read further to find out the best exercises.

Kegel Exercises

Men usually indulge in physical exercises like cardio and weight training, but despite their efforts to tone down their bodies, they might not strengthen one particular muscle group: The pelvic floor muscles.

Also known as Kegels, the pelvic floor muscles can help you control your urge to pee. A strong pubococcygeus muscle can certainly do wonders for people who suffer from premature ejaculation and even erectile dysfunction.

Now, what should you do to strengthen this muscle? Well, you can do some Kegel exercises for that. These are a particular set of exercises that can be done at any time of the day and will surely strengthen the said muscles.


Pilates is a set of exercises that can help strengthen your core muscles and your lower body. I suggest that you have a trainer to help you with more advanced concepts, but there are some simpler ones that are appropriate for beginners as well.

Resistance Training

Also known as weightlifting, this is where you use any weight (mostly barbells or dumbbells) to help you get a more toned or muscular physique.

Now, you do not have to have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger to reap the benefits of resistance training, but you should think about hitting all of your major muscle groups so that you can get a more holistic approach to improving your sexual health.

Take Care of Your Diet

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is obesity. This means that you not only think about the exercises that you should be doing but you also have to think about the foods that you eat as well.

Eat a balanced diet that consists mainly of whole grains, lean protein, unsaturated fat, fruits, and vegetables. Also, limit your alcohol consumption.