5 Ultimate Tips for Men’s Health

Your health is important, but this is often put on the backburner for too many men I see in my office until there is a more serious health problem they need to fix. To improve your health, this is the wrong approach. If you’ve chosen this year to get healthy and stay safe, or just hit a turning point in your life where you want to make lasting changes, follow these five pieces of advice to fine-tune your wellbeing.

Make Health your Priority

Your safety should be your number one concern, but our jobs and families are often so busy that we forget it. They also assume that we are invincible or that we have such a good medical system that a men’s wellness product, pill or surgery will fix any health issue.

The truth, however, is why you get to the point that medical intervention is needed if today you can make healthy choices to ensure optimal health. It’s not selfish to make your health a priority— it’s selfless. What’s the reason? Because you’re happier, you’re going to be safer and more involved with your family, friends and work. Many studies show the more mentally and physically a person is healthy, the more they are able to achieve.

See your Doctor

Everyone should see a doctor regularly. Occasionally I hear men coming in with a number of reasons not to go to the doctor— “it takes too long” or “I have to wait too long.” Such excuses, however, no longer hold up. You can get a consultation with a doctor without stepping foot in an office with stuff like telehealth medicine. There are also several options available for in-person visits. You can go to some hospitals or an emergency room and be seen that day by a healthcare professional.

Much as you always have a friend to call when you’re in need, you always need a friend that you can call when it comes to your body, too— which should be a health care provider in this situation. There are recommendations on when you should see a doctor for some health issues depending on your age. Instead of just Googling it, plan the doctor’s regular visit. He or she is going to get you on the right track to complete your routine screenings.


At least 150 minutes of moderate activity are recommended each week by the American Heart Association and several health organizations. Many people are buying a smartwatch, taking their 10,000 steps a day, and feeling they’re done. That’s good, but your heart rate isn’t getting higher. Get moderate exercise (power walking, jogging or swimming) for 150 minutes or vigorous exercise for at least 75 minutes a week (intense cardio or muscle-building activities), whether it’s on the weekend or all day long. Get your heart pumping and also get stronger your muscles and other parts of your body.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Many people begin to diet and rely on calorie restriction. They’re not eating enough, though. The problem is when you reduce the consumption of nutrients in your body, it begins to go into the state of starvation or hunger. Your body will take everything you put in it and then save it.

Rather, take in more of the right calories and you’re going to be stronger, healthier, and your body won’t feel deprived. I always recommend seeing a nutritionist if you’re not sure where to start, at least to get you started on what adjustments to make as there are many different diets.

Dieting doesn’t starve — it’s smart eating — so focus on choosing the right food.

Get Enough Sleep

You will need to sleep at least seven hours a night to help relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. Not when you’re sitting on the couch watching TV is the time to do this. The only way to reset is to sleep comfortably in bed with your eyes closed.

Patients often come to my office with problems of fatigue or issues with libido. We think it’s a problem with thyroid or low testosterone, but it’s really because of lack of sleep. Perhaps they work too much, they are stressed out or they drink too much alcohol, which exaggerates the brain. Sleep may be the root cause or contributing factor to a health problem in some cases, and having enough rest will help heal the body.

For every guy, good health should be a priority, but sometimes we don’t give it the importance it deserves. We need to take care of our health as fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends— if not for our sake, then for the sake of those we love. There’s no longer any excuse for putting your wellbeing at the very bottom of your to – do list.