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The Ultimate Top Tier Online Games In Malaysia

Many view online gaming in a negative light. Online games can be fun and stress relieving at the same time. No wonder why many among us are addicted to it. Not just reducing stress but online games also give some other benefits for example, improving your multitasking skills and decision-making skill. That is why we have prepared and ranked the top tier online games just for you.

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League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the world’s famous online video games and also the most played game among Malaysians. This is because of how intense and fun the game can be when playing it. It requires you to have a team and break the enemy team’s Nexus before they destroy yours. The game is complex and involves high-level strategy. Users are allowed to pick any avatar depending on the ability to fight with the enemy, which is why many Malaysians love it. This game is easy to access and is available on PC and mobile as Mobile Legends. There is also the League of Legends World Championship where gamers all around the world could join the competitions

Among Us

Ever since the quarantine hits, Among Us has become one of the most played games among Malaysians. This is because of straight-forward the game is and at the same time, it requires you to play with your friends. The game is very simple, there will be one-two imposters in the teams, and those imposters have to kill and lie throughout the game. The team members have to complete all the tasks before the majority of the team members are killed or discussed among themselves who could be the killer and eliminate that person.  Pretty straight forwards right? Among us has become mainstream due to YouTubers playing in the youtube videos as review or just have fun.

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You wouldn’t have guessed a slot machine casino game will top 3 in the top tier online games in Malaysia, did you? Well to your surprise, it is. Malaysians love to gamble even though it sounds so wrong. Well, there are legal permits for Mega 88 Jackpot, so if it is legally approved then there is nothing wrong with playing it. If you know the techniques and the formulas to play a slot machine then you can play Mega 888 Jackpot and easily be a winner, making you gain real money at the same time.


If you know the game, well then you know how amazing the game is. It is a story-based game that is categorized into various chapters of the story. It doesn’t require you to do anything but just clicking and selecting a choice for your story to move forwards. It is something like watching a TV series or reading a novel book but you have the power to control the plot of the story. Chapters are also dramatic and thrilling to play because even though you have the control to change the plot of the story, it also has certain elements of surprise. 

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